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"Young people need hte freedom to choose, but not so much freedom that they cannot choose."
- Erik Erikson

Therapy treatment for young people

If you have had mental health problems such as anxiety and depression for a long period of time and have isolated yourself from family, colleagues or friends; if it’s difficult for you to get up in the morning or to get to sleep at night, and you lack the energy to go to work or continue your studies; and if you have a feeling of not belonging anywhere, then you may need professional help and you could benefit of it.

You will find out that you slowly get better. It does not necessarily have to take months or years, because a course can have a shorter or longer duration.

A life without burnout

Recently many young people experience a loss of opportunities in the future and an overwhelming weight of the world. Breakups, lack of sense of belonging, wars, crises and disasters can manifest as psychological vulnerability in the individual, even if the real cause lies outside the young person herself/himself.

As a therapist, I will shed light on your options, and how you can be agentic in your own life. Some things cannot be changed, but much can be changed! You get a different look at your anxiety, loneliness, or depression. One of my clients puts it this way: “Before the therapy, it was like the anxiety hung over me. Now I came up aside of it. I still feel anxiety, but it no longer knocks me over, because I am standing next to it”.

It can be very difficult to decide whether to contact a psychotherapist

But it is also the biggest and most difficult step for you in the therapy process. After that we will find a way together.

Erik Hygum

since 2018

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Left out of life or left behind?

Therapeutic session with me

When you have therapeutic sessions with me, we are not talking about diagnoses which belong in other system. I am more focused on, how you have navigated through life so far and how to get a good and healthy life. Mental problems arise, when there is an imbalance between what you want and what you can do. In therapy, we start with how you feel here and now. Then we look for patterns in your thoughts and actions, both into those you feel happy about and those you feel shameful or guilty about. The therapy process ends when you have understood your psychological problems by acting in new ways.

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