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Erik Hygum

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Dream of life

Loneliness, togetherness and love

”If she lived as long as one hundred fifty years, surely Yugri would have been blown clean away by the swirling winds of love”
Surimono, Japanese poet, from 1820-1830

Love between people gives the light for navigating in life. We are born and we die alone, but in between we are always part of relationships which – for good and bad – frame our life. In the therapy we focus on your experiences as being close or distant in relations and we look for ways to deal with and transform the feeling of loneliness.

Guilt and shame

“Skam giver os lyst til at synke i jorden eller krybe i et musehul, når vi ikke lever op til vores egne eller samfundets normer og idealer.”
Carsten Stage, professor. “Skam”, 2019

Where guilt can be avoided through “the right action”, then shame exists as a trait that cannot be removed through a specific action. As your therapist, it is my first task to acknowledge your courage to express guilt and shame. During the therapeutic process, our attention is focused on how shame and guilt can become visible to you, we search for possible interpretations, and how to deal with these feelings.

Grief and crisis

”I`d have given anything just to see her smile with me coming into Paris.”
Chris Froome, winner of Tour de France 2013, headline in The Times, 07 22 2013, on his mother who died in 2008

Although grief always has an individual flow, it fundamentally expresses the loss of a love object. During the therapy, we shed light on the various expressions of grief such as denial of loss and avoidance of social changes, but also on the future with new social framings and relationships.

Stress, burnout and anxiety

Anxiety is an experience, not a neurosis.
Inger Christensen, poet, “Det”, 1969

Stress and the feeling of bournout at work signal a mismatch between demands, expectations, and your own intentions. In the therapy, we focus on how demands, frozen relationships and positions can be softened, and how anxiety can be the starting point for a new direction in your life.

Agency and dreams

“In such moments they understood that Babette was deep. Far down in her mind there were underwater reefs, between which were memories, passions and longings that they knew nothing about.”
Karen Blixen, storyteller, “Babette’s Feast”, 1958

To experience agency, to do something – large or small – is a basic human need and a prerequisite for well-being. In the therapy, we will look for your option to act, and we talk about what you dream about and how this can be realized on a large or small scale.

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