Therapy can be a meeting place for you, where you find a new balance in life

Therapy is a a meeting place for client and therapist, where it is possible to find a new balance in life, both when life turns out from its most brutal side, and when seems meaningless and you feel disappointed and depressed.
Best regards
Erik Hygum, Ph.D, MPF

Past, present and future

Even my strong points could not survive. If I did not learn to love myself, forgive myself a hundred times, dawg
Kendric Lamar, “Count Me Out, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers”, 2022

We talk about the past, if it is important to you here and now. But we talk just as much about your dreams and hopes for the future. We can focus on anxiety, loss of meaning in life, burnout, stress, grief, chronic and terminal illness, but also on vitality, love, agency and acting in life “no matter what!”.

My background as a therapist

I graduated from the Psychotherapeutic Institute Aarhus (2016-2020). I ground my work on a humanistic, existentialist approach. Human life and development are based on relationships rooted in time, space and action, and my therapeutic practice relies on strengthening the client’s agency. The therapy can be both short-term (3-5 consultations) or long-term. During the first consultation, you and me agree on what could be the focus of the therapy. The focus can be adjusted and changed during the therapy.

Statements from clients...