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Burnout, Depression & Anxiety

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"Anxiety is an experience, not a neurosis."
- Inger Christensen “Det”, 1969

Burnout treatment

If you have felt burnt out, depressed or anxious for a long period of time, therapy can loosen the hardened relationships and soften your problems and dilemmas. The therapy can be shorter or longer. You will find out that you slowly get better. You get help to face your anxiety, your long-term stress or depression straight “in the eyes” and help to imagine new ways of life. The starting point for the therapy is how you feel here and now, but together we will look for patterns in your life that almost automatically lead you in a direction where more and more “doors are closed to you”. We also talk about how you can “open new doors” here and now and in the future.

Are you familiar with the following symptoms?

Below you can read a short description of anxiety, depression and burnout. If you have had symptoms of anxiety, depression and burnout for a long period of time, and if these feelings are dominant in your everyday life, you may need professional help and benefit from therapy. Depression, anxiety and burnout can be entangled in each other and are basically expressions of the fact that the inner dynamics of the person and relationships with others are under pressure.


Anxiety is a psychological signal that something dangerous is afoot, but it can be difficult to explain the cause. Anxiety can be debilitating for everyday life, which becomes more and more limited. Anxiety has both physical and psychological symptoms, such as:

i.e. fear of being away from home, of being with other people, of concrete situations, places and objects.


Burnout is a special type of long-term stress that comes from work-related overload, often in jobs where people work with people who need help. There is an imbalance between job requirements and job resources, having as consequence physical and mental wear and tear. Signs of burnout are:


Physical symptoms:


Depression can affect people of all age groups and manifests itself as a persistent depression, where life is experienced as gray and meaningless, and with reduced vitality.
Signs of depression are also:

It can be very difficult to decide whether to contact a psychotherapist

But is also the most difficult step for you in the therapeutic process, because after that we will find  away together.

Erik Hygum

since 2018

A life without burnout

At first glance, it may be difficult to imagine that anxiety, burnout or depression can be the starting point for a new direction in your life, but my clients tell me how they because of the therapy slowly but surely get more nuances and perspectives in life.

It is not possible to live a life without occasionally feeling anxious, sad or tired and vulnerable. These are human conditions of existence, but this is not the case for prolonged depression, stress/burnout or anxiety.

Physical activity and therapy are a good match. A good piece of advice is to spend time on physical activity. Running, hiking, fitness and all kinds of sports activities strengthen your general well-being: YOU become fresher, sleep better, become more present, and gain more energy.


When we thrive in life, it is a result of fulfilling our basic needs:

We thrive because we have found a good balance between who we are and what we can do. We do not feel alone and we receive recognition and love in our close relationships. But sometimes the balance in our lives is destroyed. It can be large-scale societal disasters such as the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine, or more personal and all-encompassing changes such as illness, divorce, new education, new work, retirement or a high-stake, demanding and prolonged performance requirement for studies or at the workplace.


Often, our unhappiness sneaks up on us before we are aware of it. Maybe we start to sleep worse or just feel more tired and empty. Often we will try to grit our teeth and fight our way out of problems, but at some point the signs of our unhappiness become so dominant that our lives come to a standstill. When this happens, therapy can be the way forward to a new point of view in life.

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