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"If we don't see each other again, it's because your life is going well now, and that's the purpose of therapy"

Therapy treatment for life dreams

Life’s dreams are one of the major driving forces for human beings; therefore my therapeutic work is aimed at restoring the client’s ability to dream. When we are hit by crises, feel anxious, depressed, burned out or have suffered a great and painful loss, we lose our dreams and we are locked in a reality that is immovable, rigid and solidified. Life’ dreams, on the other hand, means a crackling and committed life

You will find out that you slowly get better. It does not necessarily have to take months or years, because a course can have a shorter or longer duration.

My clients

It occasionally happens that a client complains that the therapy process is over. My answer is usually that I’m glad we won’t see each other again. When the client looks at me perhaps a little surprised, I add: “If we don’t see each other again, it’s because your life is going well now, and that’s the purpose of therapy”.

A therapist once wrote that a therapeutic relationship is established with the intention of ending it. For my part, I would add that the relationship never ends completely emotionally. My clients will always be in me as I am in them.

It can be very difficult to decide whether to contact a psychotherapist

But it is also the biggest and most difficult step for you in the therapy process. After that we will find a way together.

Erik Hygum

since 2018

Having dreams and agency in life

Having dreams and agency in life are the two main goals of my therapeutic work. So if you during the therapy

then you are on your way to open new doors in your life and make room for your lifelong dreams. When that happens, it’s time for us to say goodbye to each other.

Therapeutic session with me

During the therapy, we will get in touch with your wishes for the future by looking into your dreams. On the one hand, dreams can be very complicated and perhaps even scary, but on the other hand, they can also be incredibly precise in their message. A dream is not reality, but can inspire us to understand how we act in reality. During the therapy, we follow your dreams and examine together what is going on. And we look for clues in the dreams that can inspire you and be guidelines for the future.

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